Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorite Airport

Happy Friday! I'm so glad its Friday;  this week has been really slow and for some reason I have been really tired...the daylight savings time, Spring Forward thing didn't help much. So today I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Have a great weekend! :)

{this is my favorite picture I took while I was in Norway}
While surfing Facebook or Instagram I saw a post from American Airlines and they asked the question, “What’s your favorite airport and why?” I thought this was a fun question and I immediately knew my answer. Bush International, Houston, TX. Why might I pick my local airport? Because it represents two things 1) I’m on my way to a new adventure or 2) I’m coming home to sleep in my own bed and see my pups! As much fun traveling is it’s always nice to come home and be back in your house.

Now, someone that travels more often might have more insight as to which is a BETTER airport, less congested, less confusing, etc.

What is your favorite airport and why?

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