Monday, March 3, 2014

Travel RoundUp

1 – Disneyhas raised its fee to get into Disney World to almost $100 per day. It will now cost you $99 per person to get into the park for one day. You bet I would literally be there ALL DAY for that price! BUT if you're going for more than one day maybe you should consider the three-day pass runs to $91.34 per day or a five-day costs $60.80 per day.

2 – Airlines are adding more perks to First and Business Class ticket holders. The latest is offering them distancefrom the masses. This includes your own private check-in and sometimes they will even have a private car that will take you from check-in directly to the plane!


3 – AmericanAirlines is cancelling their bereavement rates. I didn’t even know airlines offered such things.

4 – Now you can be gluten-free on your flights! Beginning in March 2014, United will be switching from regular to gluten-free salad dressing on premium-cabin flights departing the United States to points throughout North and Central America. This summer, the offerings will be added to UnitedGlobal First. You can also find Two Degrees Fruit & Nut Bars as a gluten-free Snack Shop รก la carte option. To read more about what is being offered on United Airlines click here.  

5 – The Asiana Airlines flight that crash landed at San Francisco airport last year has been fined $500,000 for the crash. Read more here.  

6 - Man killed after huge wave breaks window of cruise ship MarcoPolo in English Channel.

7 – JetBlueis taking hold of the Caribbean market with the new addition of its 25th non-stop flight in the Caribbean. JetBlue can now take you from JFK (New York City) to Piarco international in the Port of Spain.


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