Wednesday, March 12, 2014


In one of my Christmas posts I shared a picture of all the Christmas ornaments I/we have collected on our travels. We also collect small works of art! Nothing fancy and we try to get stuff from locals/street vendors to keep it less expensive. When it comes to buying a little something from our travels we ask ourselves if we'll regret not getting it and if the answer is "yes" then we'll go ahead and buy it. Words of wisdom from my parents. My mom also told to always buy a little something on your travels to remember the trip and the moment.

Anyway... A few weekends ago we got around to hanging them up! In our last house we left quite a few holes in the wall from eye-balling where the nail would go so this time we did it smart!

How to hang your artwork:
We started by using some butcher paper to trace all the frames

Then we used painters tape to position them correctly onto the wall

And ta-daaaa! We have a nice little collection from all our travels!

Do you collect anything from your travels?

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