Friday, February 28, 2014

Apps: Duolingo

With our upcoming travel I have been doing some massive research and studying up on the places we'll be visiting. I wanted to take some language classes (Rosetta Stone?) just so I would have the basics covered.

Then I found the Duolingo app. I think it's pretty close to how Rosetta Stone works but it's FREE! So I have been practicing my French and I have to sag it's pretty tough!

I have always thought that learning a second language was hard. I started learning Spanish  (donde esta el bano?) when I was in 8th grade (14 years old) that is WAY to old to be starting if you ask me. I think one should start at the of 5. Supposedly there is a section of your brain that is dedicated to learning other languages and if you don't use it it gets used by something...supposedly.  Not 100% sure on that one. I do know that my friend who is American and can speak fluent Spanish can pick up on other languages pretty quickly so there has to be something to it. 

Have you used this app yet? 
Do you speak another language? Which one? 

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