Friday, February 21, 2014

First Class Perks You Covet

Every time I look at pictures of how awesome the first class cabin is I can’t help but feel like Kristen Wiig’s character from Bridesmaids. Her line, “Help me I’m poor.” Cracks me up EVERY-SINGLE-TIME! I love it! So when I saw this article accompanied by ridiculous pictures I couldn't help but think of that movie.

Here are the perks:
A seat and a bed – If you’re in coach and they close the cabin doors and the seat next to you is vacant is like winning the lottery! JACKPOT! But if you pay enough and fly first class with Lufthansa you get to have both!

Showers – I don’t think I have ever even been on a plane that had a shower

Humidifiers – Now you know that not only will the first classers be sitting and eating better than you they are also breathing in better air!
A Bidet – Okay, this might not make the “wish” list for some countries (the USA for one), I would bet a large amount of money that over ½ the population of the USA doesn't even know what a bidet is or what its purpose it.

A Chauffeur – Its becoming pretty common that if you purchase a first class ticket you won’t even need to drive yourself to the airport…they’ll do that for you too. Talk about stress free!

A Personal Suite – On Singapore airlines you can have your very own room! And if you want to join the mile high club you can book the 2 suites in the center and combine the beds to make to make it a double…oohh, la, la

Champagne – Well really just free booze in general. When you’re in coach you’ll be lucky if they even give you a full can of soda but in first class champagne, wine, vodka or rum comes with the seat.

Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones – Most airlines are offering these for their first class and business seats. Now you don’t have to hear the people in coach whine. Just kidding!

Toiletries Kit – I have to say, I am pretty excited to see if we’ll be getting one of these on our flight to Europe. I love anything that is in miniature form! I don’t know why but they are so cute!

You can see the full article with pictures here

Have you ever gotten to experience any of these?

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