Monday, February 10, 2014

Dream Vacation(s)

Our upcoming travel has me all excited and giddy and thinking about MORE travel! We have a relatively free trip in Chicago this summer and we are contemplating a trip to Iceland late in 2014. All this travel and research has me day dreaming about my ultimate dream vacation(s)... I actually have two (go figure I couldn't choose).

My first one is to visit Croatia, Slovenia and that general area of the Mediterranean. I have found a Trafalgar Tour that does the job but its expensive! If we took that one I would get to cross four  countries off my bucket list! YAY! And I also found a cruise that also visits these countries for much less (I would only get to cross of three countries though). I hope that these are still available when we're ready to take them.
{ L-Trafalgar Tours; R - Norwegian Cruise Line}

Next would be going out of my comfort zone 100% and head in the opposite direction of Europe... Thailand and Cambodia. Trafalgar also has a tour for this. It would be 12 days in Thailand and an additional four in Cambodia.


What is your dream vacation?

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