Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How the Business Class Lives

Airlines are starting to do more to attract fliers and keep passengers happy. In business class, airlines are continuing to add amenities and luxuries that will leave commuters feeling relaxed and happy.

I have to say that we are pretty excited to be flying bussines/first class to Europe this year (perk of having a Chase United Plus credit card). I cant wait to blog about it and see what amenitites we'll have!

So what are some things customers can expect from a top-notch business class airline? They'll be treated to luxurious cabins, on-board lounges, personal entertainment systems, and excellent cuisine. See the top 10 airlines that have separated themselves from the rest.

1. Air New Zealand Business Premier
This New Zealand-based airline provides passengers 22-inch leather armchairs, premium on demand audio and video, as well as self-service beverage areas. The amenity kit provides passengers with travel basics such as eye cream, lip balm and moisturizer, socks, eyeshades, toothbrush kit, earplugs and a pen. The chairs can be reclined to a fully lie-flat position, and complimentary noise cancellation headphones that will ensure you will be well rested before you reach your destination.

2. Cathay Pacific
Expect quality lounges, great service, and competitive pricing from this Hong Kong-based airline. Even better is the curved design Cathay uses in its cabins, which make it feel like there’s no one near you, says Inside the Travel Lab. If you have a seat in the center, your cupboard door opens ensuring you have as much privacy as you need. Noise canceling headphones come complimentary, and passengers can help themselves to scented spritzers, lotions, and heated towels. The business lounges have multiple work stations, magazines, TVs, and food prepared on site.

3. Singapore Airlines
Spacious seats, a great cabin crew, and excellent food are all amenities you can expect on this business airline. It’s all in the details: fine china, quality menus, and wine and champagne pairings are all reasons to book a seat. Singapore Airlines is ranked as one of the most expensive flights so book wisely.

{When Singapore Airlines was showing off their Business Class seats at The Galleria in Houston, TX}
4. Qantas
In this Australian airline business suites are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration giving commuters direct access to the aisle. Their fully lie-flat bed measures 79 inches long and has a seat width up to 26 inches. Each business suite also has a 16-inch screen and plenty of storage space for all your electronics.

5. Virgin Atlantic Airways
Passengers can look forward to a brand new bar and art works onboard on United Kingdom-based Virgin Atlantic. The chair is both spacious and comfortable.

6. Delta Air Lines BusinessElite
Great service starts as soon as you check-in for your flight. There’s accelerated security, priority boarding, and expedited luggage retrieval. There are multiple movies, TV programs, and in-flight Internet service provided to you through United States-based flights. You will also stay full on the multi-course menus with wine pairings. After a great meal, drift off with your noise-cancellation headphones and a full-size pillow.

7. Eva Air
This business class has used mellow tones in its cabins, which will hopefully make you calm and sleepy. You can expect the latest audio and video technologies, amenity kits (that have everything from lotion to a clothes brush), and high-quality comforters. For the foodies out there, there menus are top-notch and even provide healthy choices for the conscientious eater.

8. Etihad Airways Pearl Business Class
This Abu Dhabi airline boasts all of the luxury amenities that one would expect from the oil-rich country. There’s also a food and beverage manager available to recommend dining options and wine pairings. Pearl Business Class passengers also receive complimentary door-to-door limo service with a personal chauffeur included.

9. Oman Airways
This airline provides one of the widest and longest seats available for ultimate comfort. Seats on the Oman Airbus A330 are 77.5-inch long, offer electronically controlled backrests, leg rests and seat-depth adjustors. The dining options include modern, traditional and signature Arabic dishes.

10. Emirates Airlines
This Dubai based airline boasts massaging seats, complimentary Champagne and gourmet meals. Five-course lunches and dinners served on china tableware are the norm, and you can end the evening at the onboard lounge for cocktails. There are 1,400 entertainment channels on your personal TV, and in case you don’t want to miss your show, there’s a built-in mini bar by your seat.

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Have you ever flown business or first class?

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