Monday, November 10, 2014

Extreme Travelers: Reasons to Keep Kids out of School for Travel

Did your parents ever take you out of school to go on vacation? Mine did, but only once. And I think they did it in the coolest way.

I was in 5th grade and it was a few days before Thanksgiving and my mom took me and my little brother on a walk. She told us we were going somewhere tomorrow but we had to guess. I think she might have said it was a theme park and we grew up north of San Antonio so I started to guess Sea World, Fiesta Texas, Schlitterbahn and she said "bigger"...what else is bigger? Disney Land? Bigger! Disney World? Yep! Pack your bags when you get home because we're leaving tomorrow!

We got to miss one day of school.

The Armstrong family has decided to keep their 5 year old son out of school for a whole year while they travel from their home country of Australia to Thailand, Japan, three months in the U.S. and four months in Europe.

{Eiffle Tower, dressed in kimonos, U.S.A, photos from Donna Armstrong, source}
I think this is great but, I think their kids might get more out of it if they were a little older (their 2 year old probably won't remember most, if any, of this trip). I know that I get more out of travel now than I did when I was kid. Like when my parents took us to Muir Woods and we had to hike... my 14 year old self says "ugh" but my 27 year old self says, "ah! Let's hike all day!"

What do you think? Do you think it's worth taking your kids out of school for travel? Even holding them back a year?

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