Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Travel Plans

With Thanksgiving fast approaching I am wondering if any of you have any holiday plans? We don’t have any this year. I wanted to try and make a trip to some place cold like Bnaff but the flights just didn’t work for us. Maybe next year. I am really wanting to see some real snow!
Yahoo!Travel came up with a list of 10 fun places to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday. You know number 10 holds a place in my heart, after all that is where we spent our Thanksgiving in 2012!
10. Kauai, Hawaii: A Spot to Be Thankful For
Hawaii may not conjure up traditional Thanksgiving images. But the tropical beaches can be an ideal spot to give thanks. Kauai is best known for its wild beauty and remoteness. Hanalei Bay on the North Shore is a popular spot for vacation rentals, and most of the resorts offer Thanksgiving buffets. Local restaurants advertise Thanksgiving specials in the island’s newspaper, too. Just don’t forget to work off what you eat with a magnificent hike along the Kalalau Trail. The Hanakapiai Falls will also give you something to be thankful for.

9. Plymouth, Massachusetts: History with Your Holiday
If you want to get authentic with your Thanksgiving, then head to Plymouth. There’s a reason the town calls its holiday “America’s Hometown Thanksgiving.” The weekend before Thanksgiving includes a concert series, historical re-enactments, a New England Food Festival, and a Thanksgiving parade.
8. San Diego, California: Ice-Skating on the Beach
One thing you can’t do in a traditional Thanksgiving location is enjoy a lovely warm-weather dinner cruise. Dine in the middle of one of San Diego’s most well-known attractions: the San Diego Zoo. Albert’s Restaurant, in the zoo, hosts a three-course Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re in town the weekend before the holiday, don’t miss the Mother Goose Parade.
7. Los Cabos, Mexico: Stress-Free in the Sun
Don’t worry about anything with an all-inclusive Thanksgiving at a resort in Los Cabos. Lounge on the beach, play golf, and enjoy a day at the spa. If you want to live it up, Cabo is the perfect place to rent a luxury villa for the holiday and hire a private chef to cater your meal. Or, head to a local restaurant like Pancho’s or Don Sanchez. Why cook for yourself when you can have someone else do all the work? Traditionally, Thanksgiving in Mexico is celebrated with stuffed pork, not turkey.
6. Scottsdale, Arizona: A Hot Spot of Luxury
Scottsdale is known for its abundance of warm weather; as the temperatures drop in the rest of the country, it’s a hot spot for people looking to get away. The relaxing and luxurious Sanctuary at Camelback offers Thanksgiving dinners and holiday specials, allowing you to let all your stress go. Most of the luxury resorts can guarantee a good time and good food.
5. Steamboat Springs, Colorado: A White Holiday
Steamboat Springs can be the ideal Thanksgiving spot for a family. The week before, see trees decorated by local businesses on display at the Tread of Pioneers Museum as part of the Festival of Trees. Then, kick off the holidays the day after Thanksgiving with the street lighting and a Santa visit. If you’re not too stuffed from dinner at the Steamboat Grand, check out the chocolate tasting festival. Just don’t forget to get outside for some snowboarding and skiing!
4. New Orleans, Louisiana: Go Big in the Big Easy
Have an easy (and stress-free) Thanksgiving in the Big Easy. You may be there for the holiday or you may come to town for the Bayou Classic. While you're there have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or try local favorites like the turducken (turkey stuffed with duck, which is in turn stuffed with chicken), deep-fried turkey, Creole pork, crawfish, and bread pudding.

3. Vieques, Puerto Rico: A Tranquil Getaway
Vieques Island is just eight miles east of Puerto Rico is still relatively under-the-radar for travelers. It’s becoming increasingly popular for Thanksgiving visitors, so head there now before word spreads too far. While you’re on the island, take some time to lounge on the beaches and kayak around the natural wonder that is the Bioluminescent Bay.
2. Williamsburg, Virginia: A Feast of History
Colonial Williamsburg is one of the largest and most popular living history towns. Built around the historic area of modern-day Williamsburg, the colonial village includes re-enactments and restoration of old buildings. According to legend, the first Thanksgiving took place on the site of the Berkeley Plantation, in nearby Charles City, in 1619. Today, Berkeley Plantation offers a Thanksgiving dinner, as do a number of taverns in Colonial Williamsburg. Where else could you best get in the historical Thanksgiving mood? If you want the full experience, dig in for the three-day Foods and Feasts of Colonial Virginia festival.
1. Washington, D.C.: Thanks in the Capital
There are plenty of events and parades in the nation's capital to keep you busy during the Thanksgiving holiday. One being the Reston Center Holiday Parade the day after Thanksgiving, complete with ice skating, tree lighting, and Santa. The tree lighting in historic Alexandria will even have caroling to go with it. And, head to the National Mall for all the monuments and museums; the most popular is the Smithsonian.

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