Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Best Airlines for Snacking

Do you remember when you use to get all this free stuff on planes? Like snacks and playing cards and you didn't have to shell out $3 for some crappy head phones. No all they give you is a free drink - unless you fly on on one of these fine airlines. Here is the original article on the airlines that still provide you with something to nibble on.

Free Snacks: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, chunky chocolate chip cookies, Stacy's Pita Chips and Delta's signature biscotti

Air France 
Free Snacks: A variety of complimentary French pastries and breads that are baked fresh before every flight

Free Snacks: Terra Blue Chips, PopCorners popcorn chips, Linden's Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Fritos. 

Singapore Airlines 
Free Snacks: Singaporean fish porridge, vegetarian noodle Soup, and edam cheese with cumin-spiced bread. 

(Virgin America - They were on the original list but after Google-ing their snack options I saw many complaints saying they did NOT give free snacks.) 

Do you have any favorite snacks on certain airlines?  

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