Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Hot and I Don't Like It!!!

Welcome Summer! To catch y'all up on whats going around Houston, TX...its the temperature! The temperature is whats going up; my car thermometer read 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time this year the other day. And typically when its 100 outside it really feels like 110 with 95% humidity! Yeah its not pleasant at all! The dogs are only allowed to go outside in 5 minute increments. (This is why I day dream about Hawaii!)


Also, things are in full swing with our new house! We are officially renting from the people that bought our old place and in about a month we'll be in a hotel until the house is finished. We are so excited! We also only have the large items (beds, sofa, coffee table) to pack up and take to storage unit.

{Our New Home!}

Whats the temperature like in your part of the world? I bet its better than Houston!

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