Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Travel RoundUp

1 - How many of you have waited hours and hours at theme parks just to ride a 10 minute ride? I know I have! Well now you have a solution, it’s a sketchy one! It's pretty sad that people have resorted to this.

2 - Check out this awesome Capitan driving this boat through a canal!

3 - We are thinking about getting these pants for our next international adventure…stylish no?!

4 - Imagine you're walking down the street…just a normal day and you look up and see a plane on fire!!! And here is another similar occurrence but this time pieces of the plane fell on a woman's house!!!

5 - The next time I am in NYC I am totally staying here! The Pod Hotel offers fun and modern rooms for the budget conscious traveler! Here is a Yahoo! review of the hotel.

6 - American Airlines is now going to start letting passengers with only personal items board the plane first! So all you crazies out there that have the HUGE roll-on bags that don’t fit in the overhead compartment are going to have to wait!

7 - More bad news for cruise goers. Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas caught fire!

8 - Bangkok, Thailand is expected to receive 15.98 million tourists in 2013, compared to London’s 15.96 million and Paris’s 13.92 million, according to MasterCard’s latest Global Destination Cities Index

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