Monday, June 10, 2013

Where the Dollar Goes Further: 2013

Smarter Travel has come out with a list of awesome destinations where you can stretch your dollar. Below is the list with some comments :)

1 - Costa Rica - this is on my husbands list of places to go. Its on mine too but further down. Its further down because I feel like we could do this on a long weekend. It would take us the same amount of time to get to Costa Rica as it would for NYC or Las Vegas. Something to do when we want to get away from the kids in the future (when we actually have kids that is).
2 - India
3 - Iceland - this too is on both of ours list. I think Iceland is doable in 5 days. My only issue is that United doesn't fly there and we wont get our!
4 - Mexico - living in Texas we hear a lot of horror stories about its not really on our list.
5 - Thailand - I think I have expressed on this blog before how much I want to go in within the year! I have my fingers crossed that we have the mileage points to get us there!
6 - Argentina
7 - Hungary - been there and loved it!

8 - Bali - surprised to see this on the list? So was I! But apparently the exchange rate is in the US dollars favor right now - so now is as good a time as any to pack up and head to Bali!
9 - Czech Republic - been there too and loved it!

10 - Ecuador 

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