Friday, November 15, 2013

A Plan for Paris: Food

So my plan for eating while we're in Paris is to pretty much focus on loaves of bread and desserts! haha. I have come up with a list of stops based on TripAdvisor reviews, the Travel Channel, and some blog reviews. Here we go...

This place is know for their crepes! And what is a trip to Paris without trying a crepe?!?!

They are know for their rich hot chocolate served with a small pot of whipped cream and their Mont Blanc Cake that is a combination of meringue, light whipped cream and chestnut cream vermicelli. 
{Mont Blanc source; Hot Chocolate source}

Famous for their ice cream and how its served! Almost looks too pretty to eat...but you know I will!

Known for their pastries and macaroons! I am hoping to make multiple stops here! 
{Debbie Buisson, Source}

As seen on Anthony Bourdain's The Layover and on Samantha Brown's Travel Channel's shows I thought this place is another good stop for some sweet, sweet ice cream!

La Cuisine de Philippe
Near Luxembourg Gardens and sort of close to the hotel.
Le Tournebievre
Close to hotel and the pictures of the food look amazing! It is also very close to Notre Damn and Pont de l'Archeveche which will make for some good pictures!
This is close to the Moulin Rouge so its an option when we visit that area
Chez Toineete
This too is close to the Moulin Rouge. This is my first choice out of the two.
Little Breizh
Close to hotel with good reviews so its an option for dinner.

Poilane has been baking yummy breads since 1932 and I can't wait to try some!
Again, saw this on Samantha Brown's Travel Channel show and must stop in!

Where are some good eats you recommend in Paris? Let me know!

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