Wednesday, November 20, 2013

London/Paris Link-Up

Yesterday Debbie at Buisson International joined a link up hosted by Selena at Oh, The Places We Will Go and her co-host Amy from Créatrice Mondial. It's actually a link-up for both Paris and London. Since I have only been to London that is what I'll talk about! :) I visited London in the summer of 2008 with some friends that were on my study abroad adventure with me (this is a re-post from March 5, 2011). You can also see my plans for Paris sights and food by clicking the links. 

Getting there was a bit of a mess! We took a bus to the “cheap airport”, Sandefjord, near Oslo and landed at the “cheap airport” near London, Stansted. When it was all said and done, I’m not sure if taking the cheaper flights was worth it since we had to take so many buses and trains to get to our final destinations. We made it to London and met up with her uncle briefly (he had to finish his work day) and he showed us were we would meet up with him for dinner and the play we were seeing that night. So we had some lunch and then walked around the River Thames and popped in the Museum of Modern Art.

The play we saw was The Buddy Holly Story! During the play they kind of interacted with the audience and asked someone where they were from…well they were from Japan…but how fun it would have been if they had picked us and we got to say, “Lubbock, TX!” It would have been awesome (since we went to Texas Tech). So we did and headed home via our feet and strolled by Buckingham Palace, and the Queen was home too! The next day we went to the Tower of London and took the tour with the only female Beefeater (they are the “guardians of the Tower of London”) but it was very cool to be somewhere that is so old and see things that are so old! And of course, it’s part of my family history! My mom’s cousin has been able to prove that one of our family members was a bastard child of King Henry the VIII (one of many bastards I’m sure!) so it was just really neat! We walked by Big Ben many times and then went to Saturday mass at Westminster Abby! Very cool and the boys choir was so angelic. Then we went for a sunset ride on the London Eye (the best way to see London I am sure, and you must do it at dusk! Så vakkert)! When everything was all said and done I think we figured we walked 15 miles in 2.5 days! Talk about cardio!

I loved seeing all the amazing sites and taking in the history of it all. I would love to go back and explore some more one day!

Top left corner - Big Ben; Top right corner - London Eye; Bottom (Left to Right) - Abby Road, London Phone Booth, Beef Eater

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