Monday, November 25, 2013

Travelers You DON'T Want Sitting Next to You on a Plane

I saw this article and thought that it was a funny/good topic to talk about on a travel blog :) So here is a list of people you might get stuck sitting next to, some funny, some not so funny.

1 - The smelly person - this is the person that doesn't shower and reeks of body odor!!!
2 - The snorer - a snorer...even worse on an over night flight
3 - The sleep talker - I can't imagine sitting next to some that talks in their sleep! 
4 - The sleep walker - Same with this one, I hear that this is a side effect of ambien which many people take to help them sleep on planes! 
5 - The I have the cold/flu person - Unfortunately I became this person mid flight the last time I was coming home from Europe. About 1/2 over the Atlantic I came down with the cold...I'm sure from another passenger! 
6 - The dead person - This one is not meant to be funny. When I was in high school a friend of mine was traveling to Paris on a full flight and the passenger next to him passes away. Since the flight was full, he was stuck there. 
7 - The awkward person - Just someone is a little weird. I sat next to a guy traveling to LAX and he didn't speak a word of English. Every time the flight attendant came buy and asked if he needed anything he would just point at what I was getting. It was just a little strange.
8 - The talker - Having to sit next to someone who is a chatty Cathy is never any fun if you don't like to talk on planes. When we were flying from Kauai to Oahu the young man behind us was talking to his seat mate and asking her all sorts of inappropriate questions like, "how much money do you make as a nurse?", "can you write me a recommendation?", "how much money does your ranch make?" of course she didn't answer and I could tell she was uncomfortable. 
9 - The lovers - Once on a flight there was a couple that was so all over each other that the flight attendant had to tell them to please sit properly with your feet on the floor. (She had her legs propped up on him and was pretty much sitting in his lap...get a room...and not one 35,000 ft in the air!)

Have you ever had to sit next to any of these people? 

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