Friday, June 27, 2014

Extreme Travelers: Visit All 50 States In 365 Days

Kelly Will was a celebrity journalist that was tired of writing about famous people (there is only so much one can take of the Kardashians). So she sold everything she owned, all her posh evening gowns and Jimmy Choos, furniture and artwork (she did keep her car for the trip). All that money funded her mission to visit all 50 of the United States in 365 days. On a small budget of $175 a week she was able to accomplish her goal and see all the wonders of these great states.

All this got me thinking…if I was going to take a road trip like this how would I do it? I made my map below! I have always wanted to take a huge/long road trip, I want to hop in an RV and head to Yellowstone National Park!

{I figured I would fly to Alaska from Washington and fly to Hawaii from California}

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