Monday, June 30, 2014

Kudos to United

I have to say I was really pleased with United's customer service the other day...but maybe it was because I was preparing for the worst in my head.

When we booked our flights for Hawaii I was really excited because we were landing in Maui at 1pm versus the normal 6pm or later. We had a VERY early flight from Houston to LA at 6:15am...but then United changed that flight to 7:30am and that only left us with a 30 minute layover. I wasn't comfortable with that. If our flight from Houston was 10 minutes late we would miss our connection.

So I called United and I was expecting them to give me a hard time because I booked with points and I was expecting to pay a small fee of some sort since I was changing flights even though it wasn't my fault. Unfortunately there wasn't any flights that would get us there around the same time so we decided to fly out the night before and stay a night in LA. I was really happy everything worked out and we didn't have to pay anything for the flight change, especially since it was moved to another day.

Yes, we'll have to pay for an extra night in LA but I'm hoping to cash in some rewards points with the new SPG rewards card we got. And we'll probably hit up Manhattan Beach and In-N-Out Burger (since they don't have those in Houston yet). 


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