Monday, June 9, 2014

Travel RoundUp

I can't believe its already June! And I totally forgot to post my Travel RoundUp series on the first of the month! I was preoccupied with my studying..I hope I passed! Anyway, here are some interesting things that have been happening in the travelverse: 

1 - Here is a fun geography quiz from BuzzFeed, How Well Do You Know Your European Geography? I only missed one! What did you get? 

2 - Southwest Airlines has discontinued flights to Key West, FL., Jackson, MS., and Branson, MO. 

3 - What would you do if your child thought your passport was a coloring book? That's what happened to this father while he was traveling from South Korea to China. 

4 - Here is a great letter from an agree customer of American Airlines.  The last time I flew with them their flight staff was pretty shitty. 

5 - Check out this guys cool selfies...caution, you might get dizzy. 

6 - See how close this plane got to landing on a person! And no, it wasn't a planned stunt! 

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