Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Travel RoundUp

Happy July! Here are some fun travel excerpts I've found and wanted to pass along.

1 - Would you spend $130,000 for a seat on the Four Seasons plane? Your 24 day itinerary will include stops in Kona, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Sydney, Australia, Bali, Thailand, Mumbai, Istanbul and London.

2 - Have you seen people take their emotional support dogs or mini horses on a flight? This is a bit ridiculous. I have seen someone take their little toy dog on a flight with a service dog vest... it was not a service dog. They are just trying to avoid paying the pet fee.

3 - This happened in May but I forgot to post it in last months RoundUp, air traffic control had a near miss when two flights almost collided while traveling over Hawaii! A passenger describes his account of the situation.

4 - Maybe we shouldn't have participated in the touristy tradition of adding a lock onto the bridge (although we did it on a different bridge than the one that lost a section of the fence). As an engineer I wondered how these bridges were holding all the extra wight of these locks!

5 - Disney World isn't just for kids anymore, now the 21 and over crowd can participate in a Disney Bar Crawl

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