Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weekend in Chicago; Part 1

How was everyone’s 4th of July weekend? Ours was busy yet full of naps and we had GREAT weather! We started the weekend with a 7am flight to Chicago; once we landed we took a shuttle to our hotel, checked in, and then headed out into the city. We walked to the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) but the wait for the sky deck was 2 hours! We said, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” So we walked to Buckingham Fountain. This whole area was blocked off in preparation for the Taste of Chicago (July 9 – 13) and reminded us of I am Legend … kind of creepy.

{Buckingham Fountain}

{are we on the set for I am Legend?}
 After the fountain we meandered through Millennium Park and took pictures with The Bean and then we made our way to Navy Pier. The pier was pretty packed, I’m sure in preparation for the nights festivities. So we walked along and stopped at a few places for food and drinks.

{The Bean}

{view from Navy Pier}
Once we were done at the pier we made our way back to the hotel and took a little nap. In the evening we headed out for some famous deep dish pizza at Gino’s East! It was delicious! I was even licking up the sauce off the plate!

{Gino's East deep dish pizza}
We headed back to Buckingham Fountain to watch the fireworks display and I have to say we were both majorly bummed by the show. There wasn’t any music, there wasn’t any HUGE display. It honestly looked like something someone would put on in their backyard (for us Texans at least). Way to keep the nickname Second City Chicago. 

{Chicago Fireworks}

{Houston Fireworks, source}

{Houston Fireworks, source}

{NYC Macy's Fireworks show, source}

{NYC Macy's Fireworks show, source}
What are some things that you have done when you've been to Chicago? 

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