Friday, July 25, 2014

Extreme Travelers: Rockall World Record

Rockall is a remote granite rock painted white by seabirds, the only inhabitants of the rock located 286 miles west of Scotland in the Atlantic Ocean. But last week Nick Hancock set the world record of longest stay on Rockall by spending 43 days on the tiny rock. He ate army rations, read books, and talked to seabirds to his pass time. The rock has been described as “…desolate, despairing, and awful.”

Nick lived in a yellow RockPod as his shelter on the outcropping measuring 60 feet tall and 82 feet at its widest point. His initial plan was to stay on the rock for 60 days but that was not possible after a storm at the beginning of July caused four of his supply barrels to fall off.

During his stay on the rock he was able to raise $17,000 for the Help the Heroes charity. And when he surpassed the current world records (40 days for a solo stay and 42 days for a group) the Scotsman broke out a tiny bottle of champagne and celebrated alone. 

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