Friday, July 18, 2014

Movies that Inspire Travel

My Life In Ruins came out in 2009 and its about an American woman who moved to Greece to change her life but she became a tour director for a company like Trafalgar. Her boss always gives her the shitty bus and crazy tourist. This movie is funny and SO true if you have ever been on a tour.

 The Way is about a father that heads to Europe to recover the body of his son that died walking the "El comino de Santiago". After arriving he decides to finish the walk his son started.


Le Week-End is a drama/comedy about a married British couple that travels back to Paris after visiting there many years ago for the honeymoon. The movie is funny sometimes and then very serious and a little sad at other times.

A Long Way Down is another drama/comedy about four people that find themselves on the same London rooftop on New Year's Eve ready to jump. They decide to make a pact not to jump until at least Valentine's Day. To help them relax and get away they head to the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca!

Welcome to Sweden is about an American who moves to Sweden after falling in love with a Swedish woman. This show has only aired two episodes in the US and I need to catch up on them!

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Have you seen any of these? Did you like them?

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