Monday, December 1, 2014

Travel Size

Hello December! I hope all that celebrated Thanksgiving had a good one, we did. We had both sides of the family over and that made for a full house.
I have wanted to do this post for a while and I have just been lagging on taking the picture. Back in October I signed up to receive a monthly Birchbox. I received three before I cancelled my membership.
Birchbox is a super fun way to sample beauty products on cheap...OR, in my case, get fun new travel size products.
I don't know what it about travel sized items but I just LOVE their tinyness! Below is a picture of my first Birchbox. Items include: Shave Cream, Chapstick, Face Rejuvenator, BB Beauty Balm, some cheek tint and a fragrance sample. Fragrance samples are the best for traveling; usually you only need one for the whole trip and you can just toss it before you leave and you'll have a little bit more room in your TSA friendly liquids bag.


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