Monday, January 26, 2015

Maternity Monday

So you may have noticed that I have been away...because we were in Hawaii!!! And before I start blogging about our adventures I wanted to touch on the topic of getting pat downs by TSA while traveling pregnant. I had to get a total of 4 pat downs during this trip and here is my review of each airport.

Houston (IAH) - Very professional and the lady that patted me down had actually had kids and knew that the waist line on my pants actually comes up above my belly button. Grade: A

Los Angeles (LAX) - Awful! The woman in charge was a real bitch. When I said that I wanted a pat down she said to me, "this isn't an x-ray machine. Its a metal detector." I replied, "I don't care, I want a pat down." What I wanted to say was, "Are you a doctor?!?! NO, so shut the f- - k up!!!" Grade: F

Maui (OGG) - The same thing that happened at LAX happened here and the TSA guy told me that my doctor should have given me a lead belt for traveling on an airport. What made this worse was that there was another woman who wanted a pat down and we both had to wait for what felt like 15 minutes before I hollered at a female TSA agent that we needed pat downs. Grade: F

Kona (KOA) - Kona was professional since pretty much everyone traveling out of there traveled to there and know what they are getting into when asking for a pat down. They made sure that I knew what I was asking for and it wasn't a big deal. Grade: A

P.S. You can check out my Youtube page in the link below to view some of our whale watching video. 

{Hawaii Sneak Peak, Moloka'i}
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