Monday, January 5, 2015

Where will I be going in 2015?

{flying over Maui and Lanai}
Where will I be going in 2015?
Travel wise we only have plans for Hawaii; call it a baby-moon if you will. We planned it almost a year ago (when we got back from Europe we booked the airline tickets). I know, I like to plan WAY ahead! But you kind of have to when you're using rewards points to book your flights.
{Mauna kea beach, hunu on Punaluu Beach, sunset at Hapuna Beach}
And on a more personal front, I will be taking one BIG step into motherhood in 20 weeks or less. I still think it's all a bit crazy - I am going to be a mom - I am going to have a daughter - whoa! This big event will change our lives, our perspective on life, how we travel and how often we travel.
What are your plans for 2015? Going anywhere new? Have any "firsts" planned? 
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