Friday, January 2, 2015

~Welcome 2015~

Happy New Year! I hope you had fun celebrating!

I want to start the year with a Travel RoundUp (which I think I missed for the month of December).

1 - This is horrible! And the number one reason why I would NEVER, EVER put my dog on a flight unless they were able to sit with me in the cabin. United Airlines (at my airport no less) left this poor dog in rainy, cold weather for 30 minutes! I just want to hug the dog I feel so bad.

2 - Another crime against animals, in the Maldives a baby whale shark was captured for a short time and placed in a few hotel swimming pools for the guests to view... wtf?!?! are you kidding me? Leave these creatures be!

{Source, Eco Islanders Maldives}
3 - United Airlines (again) is suing a 22 year old for creating a website that is helping fliers get a cheaper flight. I will keep his strategy in mind the next time I travel!

4 - Check out this woman's journey and how her dream trip has turned into an absolute nightmare!

5 - The Netherlands are testing out a solar bike path, sounds pretty cool!

{Source, SolaRoad Facebook}
6 - Wondering if traveling is healthy? This article says it is!

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