Friday, February 6, 2015

Haleakala Summit & Whale Watching

We woke up very early this morning so we could catch the sunrise from the top of the world. Well, at least from 10,000 + feet elevation. We arrived at the park by 6am and parking was already filling up. So they had us park in the bus parking, bumper to bumper. Does anybody know what was running through my head at this time… How the hell are we going to get out of here?!?! I think the park needs to have an someone re-address their parking situation up there.

Sunrise was at 7am and we hiked up a little path to get a good view and waited…in 40 degree Fahrenheit weather…for an hour to watch that sun peak over the clouds. It was beautiful.

With the help of our parking neighbors we were able to wiggle our way out of the parking lot around 7:45/8am and head back down the twisty-turny switchback road. We made a pit stop for some shopping and a snack before we headed back to our rental to change for some beach time. We headed to Makena State Park (which is apparently one of the most injury-prone beaches in Hawaii) where Matt took in the waves and shore breaks at Big Beach and I just took in the sun.

We had a reservation with the Pacific Whale Foundation for some whale watching. We left from Maalaea Harbor and found a group of male whales trying to attract the attention of a female. It was pretty incredible to see these large creatures swimming around our boat, breaching, and playing. I have some video below for you but our SD card that had all of our pictures is corrupted (sad face). Please check out the professional pictures from our trip. All whale photos by Erin Lodi.

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