Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Travel RoundUp

Now that I have wrapped up our most recent trip to Hawaii what do I have to blog about?!
I guess I will do a Travel RoundUp, it’s been a while since I have done one of those.

1 – This video of some Orca whales is AMAZING! It just goes to show you that what was documented in the film Blackfish is correct.

2 – With the merger of American Airlines and US Airways, American Airlines has become the largest airline company. In honor of the several smaller airlines that helped create the company, AA is releasing retro amenities kits! Take a peek!

{American Airlines, Source}
3 – Have you ever wondered what the true cost of First/Business Class perks? How much did you pay for that seat? And they only spent about $6 on your food?! Check out the details here.

4 – Boeing 787 Dreamliner is nothing but the best!

{American Airlines, Business Class; Source}

{American Airlines, Economy Class; Source}
5 – This whale was in distress and needed some help. Check out the video!

6 – Visiting a Disney park any time soon? Well their ticket prices just went up – the price for a one-day entry for anyone 10 and up is nowat $105!

7 – Check out these perks at some of America’s best airports.

8 – Ever wonder what it’s like to be a flight attendant? This lady spells it out for you!
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