Monday, February 23, 2015

Maternity Monday

I am back to work today after having to take 2 sick days last week :( boo! Getting sick while being pregnant is NO fun. I also can't believe that February is almost over and in less than 3 months we'll have a little baby girl :)
Today I wanted to talk about parenting classes. Has anybody taken them? So far we have taken two that are offered at out hospital. Breastfeeding and Prepared Childbirth (and we have Newborn Care next month). Breastfeeding is pretty self-explanatory - expect to see a lot of educational videos where women just pop those suckers out!
Side note, I took this class then saw Fifty Shades...enough nudity for one day that's for sure!
Prepared Childbirth is kind of like what some might call a lamaze class. Although we only spent about 30 mins on "breathing" the rest was informational on what one's options are for birth and what to expect. I wouldn't even call it "breathing" it was mostly how to take your mind off the pain of a contraction. Our goal was to try and ignor the handful of ice we were holding for 60 seconds.
So do I feel more prepared to give birth?! I feel more educated but I don't think anything can truly prepare you for giving birth or prepare you for being a parent.
Each hospital's classes are going to be catered for that hospital so its helpful to take them at your hospital if you can.
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