Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Molokai, Hawaiian By Nature

We had decided that we wanted to take a day trip to Molokai (see my previous post here) to see the tallest sea cliffs in the world. Molokai is about as close to native Hawaiian living as you can get without getting the special invite to Ni’ihau (the island where only natives Hawaiians live and speak Hawaiian). We started our day with a 90 minute ferry ride that was full of whales breaching and playing in the Pacific.

We arrived in Kaunakakai and headed straight to the airport to pick up our rental car (this was included in the package we paid for: ferry + car rental). We drove up to Palaau State Park to view the Kalaupapa Overlook and see a glimpse of the 4,000 ft sea cliffs (I think next time we’ll try and see them by air).  In this same area you can view an accent Hawaiian relic…a phallic rock.

{Kalaupapa Overlook}

We then stopped off at the Molokai Plumeria Farms to get a quick sneak peak of their farms and what a tour consists of. For $25 a person you are “let loose” on their farm to collect fresh plumerias and once you have a bag full you meet under a shade tree to make your own Hawaiian lei! How fun! They let us wander their farm and pick some flowers before we headed back to Kaunakakai to have some lunch. 

{in the picture where he is holding the flowers the one on the left is good for lei making!}
If you didn't already know, Molokai doesn't have any fast food chains;  our options for lunch were a burger place and a pizza place. We choose Molokai Burger for lunch. The food was good but I thought the staff could have been a bit nicer, you could tell they didn't really like tourist.

After lunch we headed to One Ali’i Park and enjoyed some sunshine. After being there for about an hour we headed back into town and bought some coconut twists from Kenemitsu Bakery – they were delicious! With nothing really else to do we went back to One Ali’i Park to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and our treats.

{One Ali'i Park}

After the ferry ride back to Maui we had dinner in Lahaina at Kimo’s. I picked Kimo’s because they have my favorite dessert Hula Pie! Yum, yum! But before I could enjoy it my nausea got the best of me and we had them wrap it up to go and made it back to Kihei. (don’t worry, it didn't melt and I enjoyed it the next day!) ** Travel Tip: Lahaina isn't the best place to view the sunset since the island of Lanai is blocking the view.
{non-alcoholic drink, view of Lanai, Hula Pie!}

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