Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Celebs on Holiday

Over the holidays MANY celebs took super nice vacations. Pretty much what this list tells you is if you want to see celebrities go to Hawaii or St. Barts. And I think Buzzfeed is using the word "Celebrity" loosly…see pics here. I’ll admit, I had to google about half these “celebrities” mainly because they aren’t that famous.

My comments are in purple :D 

St. Barts – 9
1.       Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi in St. Barts – Love this power couple!
2.       Russell Simmons in St. Barts
3.       Rachel Zoe in St. Barts – why are you a celebrity?
4.       Lily Cole in St. Barts
5.       Olivia Palermo and Joannes Huebl in St. Barts – why are you "famous" again?
6.       P Diddy in St. Barts
7.       Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum in St. Barts – Ah, Step Up love…I knew they had real chemistry!
8.       Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts with their boys in St. Barts – such a cute Hollywood family
9.       Guy Fieri in St. Barts – ewwww! Don’t want to see him in a bathing suit

Hawaii – 8
1.       Ashlee Simpson in Oahu – I secretly LOVE her music! ...not a secret any more I suppose 
2.       Milla Jovovich in Maui
3.       Pam Anderson in Maui – is anybody interested in her anymore?
4.       Tom Arnold in Maui
5.       Jude Law in Maui
6.       Alex Morgan in Maui
7.       Jeremy Jackson in Maui – So I had to look this guy up…he was in Baywatch…maybe him and Pam where there together?
8.       Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson in Oahu – Man, he sure did find a good person to attach himself too

Barbados – 4
1.       Rihanna in Barbados – isn’t she from there? Does that count as a vacationing spot for her?
2.       Jodie Marsh in Barbados – Another one from across the pond
3.       Jamie Laing in Barbados – I think he is in a British TV show?
4.       Simon Cowell with his ex-wife in Barbados

Miami – 4
1.       Tom Felton with girlfriend Jade Olivia in Miami
2.       Pauly Shore in Miami – another I don’t want to see in bathing suit
3.       Frank Langella in Miami
4.       Donny Deutsch in Miami an ad exec and TV personality? Never heard of him

Cabo – 2
1.       Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theorux in Cabo
2.       John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel in Cabo

California – 2
1.       Heidi Klum and family in Santa Monica, California
2.       Shia LaBeouf with new girlfriend Mia Goth in Ventura, CA

1.       Leonardo DiCaprio on a yacht in Sydney, Australia – LUCKY
2.       Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in Aspen – The only couple to do winter things over the winter holiday

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