Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zip Cars

I have made it known that I love to plan trips. I like to see how much it would cost to go to say Chicago or Boston on a weekend. I'll look at flights, car rentals and hotels. Out of those 3 things the car rentals always make me go over budget (although, those two cities above have decent public transportation). Then I stumbled upon Zip Car.

Zip Car is a car rental company (just purchased by Avis) that allows you to rent the car by the hour (or the day if you need it). I really like the idea of this! That way, if you're in Chicago and want to take a lake side drive to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore renting a car for 5 hours and only paying maybe $40 versus the $70 a day (and having to pay for parking at your hotel (which can run well over $40 a night!)). I think this is great for companies that have employees that travel a lot or if you just travel a lot and need a car for a few hours and don’t want to pay for a cab or hotel parking. Looking at their maps they seem to have cars scattered all over cities.

Here are Zip Cars stats:

Over 30 models to choose from

Occasional Driving
Application fee (one time)       $25
Yearly fee                                $60
Driving rates (start at)              $8/hr and $74/day

Extra Value
Application fee (one time)       $25
Yearly fee                                $600 ($50/month = 8hrs of prepaid driving per month)
Driving rates (start at)              $7.20/hr and $66.60/day

Cities Outside the US
British Columbia - Vancouver
Ontario - Toronto
Spain - Barcelona
United Kingdom -London, Bristol, Oxford, Maidstone, Cambridge

United States (37) See their list here.

*I did not recieve compensation from Zip Car for posting this blog. 
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