Wednesday, January 16, 2013

See it Before It's too Late

Good day all! I hope you are having an amazing Wednesday! Before I get to my actual blog post I wanted to share with you what I came home to last night...

burned through the 4x4 post too!
That’s right; my neighbor burned part of our fence down! Said they were burning trash! If this had been during our super hot summers here in Houston, TX it would have spread and no doubt burned our house down! All I could think of was this picture that I saw on Pinterest not too long ago.

Okay, enough venting back to the blog…

As this world ages and we (humans) spend more time on it, its natural wonders start to come to an end. I think it's really important that we get to see these things before it's too late. For example, Glacier National Park won't have any more glaciers in it by 2020! I feel like that’s something that needs to be seen before it's too late! I tried looking into visiting but the rental cars up there are expensive! But not to worry, the name of the park won't change since glaciers are responsible for carving the mountains. I would love to visit the park this year! I'll keep you posted if we do.

Another landmark that actually did disappear last week was a famous arch at Tennessee Beach in San Francisco. Robert Wills was lucky enough to catch the entire thing on camera. Read the full article and see more pictures here.

photo by Robert Wills
Something else that is disappearing in Boonville, CA is their language. That’s right, they have their own language called Boontling and its been around for about 150 years. After watching the video and hearing the jibber jabber they tell you that it all started because some ladies didn’t want another lady to know they were talking about her. And it just kind of caught on! They even taught it in school! Watch the video and hear Boontling here.

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