Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Travel RoundUp

Good morning all! Hope you are having a great week. Here is the monthly Travel RoundUp to start your day!

1 - In 2012, JetBlue continued their growth in the Caribbean and Latin America with Cartagena, SamanĂ¡ and Grand Cayman. In the U.S., they added Dallas/Fort Worth and Providence with service to Charleston, Albuquerque and Philadelphia launching this year. – Via their Facebook page

2 - News from Iceland… this young woman is fighting to have the name her mother gave her recognized as her legal name. And I think her name and its meaning is beautiful! Here is the article. Although I do think people naming their kids Hashtag is ridiculous and should not be allowed.

Update 1/31/13: They let her use her birth name!

3 - The London Zoo is taking their annual census of all their critters. Check out the picture, so cute!

4 - Check out this cool way to get your ski on in Bavaria, Germany. They repurposed the sand from an old mining quarry to make the 360 feet high mound you can ski down. Check out more pics here.

5 - This is awful! I would hate to have my luggage treated like this let alone this! A musicians 1965 Gibson ES-335 was destroyed by luggage handlers at a Detroit airport. Read the whole article and see pictures here.

6 - This is what will happen if you get drunk on a plane… Passengers took matters into their own hands when this guy was getting too unruly.  

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