Friday, March 15, 2013


This months Pinsiration is something that is/was quite easy but I still got the idea from Pinterest. As I have said before in my 'non-travel' posts, we live in smaller home (considering our location in Houston, TX where everything is bigger) therefore we have a smaller kitchen with not a lot of counter space. And then I saw these little colored jems (picture on the left) and thought, "what a perfect way to get that clunky knife block off the counter and give us more space!" So I decided to buy them and was running the idea by my husband when he said, "They have something like that at IKEA." So we went to IKEA and sure enough they did...and we bought 2. I love them and will totally keep them or get more for our new house.

I also found this idea to use them as a place to keep toy cars off the floor. But unfortunate they will only work if the cars are metal and I think most are plastic now-a-days.

Happy Pinning!
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