Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Disappearing Wonders

Below is a list of disappearing wonders that you might want to see before they are gone. A few of these are on my bucket list as well. Read the full article here

1 - Great Wall, China: Portions of the 2,000 year old wall have already disappeared and it will be up the Chinese to make sure to maintain the other portions for generations to come.

2 - Memphis and its Necropolis, Egypt: The city of Cairo is creeping closer and closer to the pyramids.

{Made by me and Google Maps}

3 - Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, Honduras: One of the last tropical rainforests in Central America it is threatened by illegal logging, poaching, hunting and the introduction of new species.

4 - Old City of Jerusalem, Israel: Heavy tourism and lack of maintenance on the 220 historic monuments around the city.

5 - Everglades National Park, United States, Florida: From water pollution of contaminated storm water many things are causing a decline in marine life in Florida's Everglades.

6 - Petra, Jordan: The dramatic rise in visitors is taking its toll on the soft and easily eroded red sandstone monument.

7 - Galapagos Island, Ecuador: Since the presence of humans its estimated that 5% of Galapagos' species have become extinct.

8 - Angkor, Cambodia: The amount of tourists will be to blame of the destruction of these temples. I would imagine in the near future you will no longer be able to walk on and through them.

9 - Great Barrier Reef, Australia: With ocean temperatures on the rise the reef is expected to turn white and die. The reef is home to 400 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 types of mollusk. So its safe to say a whole ecosystem will be gone.

Background image shows and extensively bleached reef near Great Keppel Island on the southern Great Barrier Reef in early 2006.  The insert shows a normal looking coral on the left-hand side and a bleached coral on the right hand side.  The dinoflagellates symbionts which leave the coral is it bleaches are also shown. 

10 - Machu Picchu, Peru: With the addition of a train and the risk of landslides this city in the sky could erode and disappear forever. 

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