Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Build a House: Part 2

After I last left off on the house building saga it was July 9th and they were almost done with the brick. Well they finished that up the weekend of July 13th and here has what's been going on since:

July 13th: The electrician was out putting all the outlets together
July 14th: Started tile work (they finished this on the 24th)
July 15th: Installed the granite counter tops! (OMG, they look so good!)
July 16th: Installed all the light fixtures and, smoke detectors, and vent covers
July 18th: Planted our trees out front
July 19th: Put the fence up, new fire place is installed
July 21st: Installed all the faucets and toilets, floated the office floor in preparation for hardwood flooring
July 25th: Still working on touching up the walls and painting stuff and they completed the landscaping.
July 26th to today: It has all been touch up work, fixing trim, re painting and making sure everything works.

We have been going out there every day after work now to check on the progress. We really have nothing better to do since we're cooped up in the hotel.

We did have them take down the fireplace and change the stone. We were told that the stone in another house was type A and it was actually type B. So we ordered type A when we should have ordered type B.

Even though they have their own 3rd part inspector we hired our own and he had quite a list (mostly because the house wasn't don’t yet) and I am SO glad that we hired him. He noticed a few things that we didn't  some trim that wasn't painted outside and little tiny piece of brick that wasn't installed. And they know how everything is supposed to be brought up to code.

We also went ahead and waterproofed our fence to prevent sprinkler and rain damage.

We are in the final stretch and should be in the house this weekend! Fingers crossed, knock on wood! 

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