Thursday, August 8, 2013

Extreme Travelers - Most Countries Visited in One Year by Scheduled Ground Transport

British travel blogger and filmmaker, Graham Hughes has accomplished something quite incredible.  He has visited all 201 countries and 15 territories without stepping foot on a plane!

All I can say is WOW! And I wish I could do that!

It took him 1,426 days (almost 4 years!) to cover all 160,000 miles (257,494 km)! This adventure has made him the Guinness World Record holder for "Most Countries Visited in One Year by Scheduled Ground Transport".

He describes his trip by saying, "I've fed the crocs in Australia, hunted the dragons of Komodo, befriended the orangutans in Borneo, played with the lemurs in Madagascar, washed the elephants in India and eaten live octopus in South Korea."

During his travels he kept his budget to just under $100 a week (Yahoo's article says per day but Graham's site says week) but still hit some bumps along the way. He spent a week in a Congolese prison and was arrested from sneaking into Russia!

You can check out his travels on his Nation Geographic show, Graham's World.

{The Odyssey Expedition}      {YouTube}      {The Check List}         {Yahoo! Article}

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