Friday, August 2, 2013

Travel RoundUp

1 - Even if they are fake and a part of your shoes TSA is going to confiscate gun paraphernalia.

3 - If you have a connecting United flight in Houston and you're an elite flier then you are in luck! They just started a luxury car service that will take you from plane to plane if you have short connecting lay-over. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

4 - You might not be able to get room service in your hotel rooms anymore. Some hotels are doing away with the service claiming it doesn’t make them any money.

5 - Wouldn’t you hate to go on a beach vacation and then there is an oil spill?!?! That’s what happened in Thailand recently. Check it out here.

6 - Looking to communicate with friends or family overseas? Here are some great options that Debbie over at Buisson International has researched and used.

7 - I thought this was a nice thing to do. It's kind of sad so I'll let you read it.

8 - India sent its last telegram on July 14th; they have been using this form of communication for over 160 years!

9 - A woman had been living inside the Cancun airport, no word on if she is still there. See the article here.

10 - Hawaii has a plan to get rid of their homeless people, ship them back to wherever they came from!

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