Monday, August 19, 2013

Moving Week!

Sorry for the no-post-Friday but holy cow, what a busy past 4 days I have had! We closed on our new house on Thursday and then moved out of the hotel Friday and brought some essentials from the storage unit to the new casa! Things like a mattress, sheets, towels...stuff like that until it started raining! Boooo! So on Saturday we had clear skies and my husband rented a small U-Haul trailer and began the process of bringing all the boxes to the new house while I unpacked and watched the painters paint all the walls pretty colors!

The trailer was a big help! Sunday we unpacked more and organized the garage, we didn't make any trips back to storage units because really needed to make a dent in the stuff we already had at the house!

And today I am back at work while my boo deals with the movers for our bigger items and the delivery of our new items. Needless to say I am hoping to come home to clean, fully unpacked home :D

Here are some of our freshly painted rooms! Keep in mind that these are taken with my iPhone so the lighting and quality are not the best. All paint is Sherwin Williams/HGTV Livable Lux color palette - Top from left to right: Master in Dovetail, bedroom 2 in Silvermist and Snowbound. Bottom from left to right: bedroom 1 in Softened Green, game room in Serious Gray and Expressive plum in the nook.

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