Sunday, May 12, 2013

Free Things on Flights

Sorry for not posting as much lately, we are pretty busy over here moving and packing on the weekends. I've even cancelled my gym membership because as soon as we get up my husband is ready to pack and load the truck up!

I found this article written on free stuff that you get on your flights (if you ask) so I thought I would share. Here is the list

1 - Sanitizing Wipes: I never thought to ask for these but it makes total sense! I will definitely be asking for some on my next flight (and probably bring some of my own!)

2 - The Whole Can: Some flights I've been on automatically give you the whole while others don't. Some times I think they are just being generous and other times when I ask for like the cranberry/apple juice they give me the whole can because nobody else wants that. But go ahead, ask for the whole can if you want it!

3 - Wing Pens for Kids: I remember getting these when I was a kid and I LOVED them! I also remember being able to go into the cockpit and talk to the pilots (see number 10)

4 - Basic Medicine and Bandages: I can see this on the bandages but the medicine I'm not sure. I once had to beg the flight attendant on my flight from Frankfurt to Houston for some sort of cold medicine and she finally said, "Okay, but you found it on the floor" wink, wink.

5 - Water Bottle Refills: Since you cant bring much of any liquid past TSA and everyone is all about the environment these days they will be more than happy to fill your bottle with some water...but do you want airplane water? I would rather have the bottled water and nothing from the airplane tap...gross!

6 - Short-Term Babysitting: I guess flight attendants are required to watch young ones while a single traveling parent gets up to use the lavatory or stretch their legs...good to know!

7 - Helping Find a Doctor: Flight attendants are going to be able to help you find a doctor the fastest in case of an emergency. I was on a flight where they made a call for a doctor. We were about an hour and a half in and then had to turn around for a medical emergency and then sat on the tarmac for another hour because of the heavy landing (landing with a full tank of gas) and then finally on our way. Landed in Newark, NJ 14 hours least I with friends!

8 - Seconds:Want more snacks? Just ask! On longer flights they might not have an extra meal but they may have an extra dinner roll or something. But these days they are charging you for everything.

9 - Help Switching Seats: They can assist you in this but in the end you're only going to be able to move if that person that is sitting in the seat you want is willing to move.

10 - Cockpit Tours: Even though it might seem like they don't do this anymore pilots are still willing to let kids get a view of the cockpit!

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