Saturday, May 4, 2013

Travel RoundUp

I hope everyone's May is going well and the crazy cold front that blew in MORE snow for some hasn't ruined any summer plans. It got into the mid 40's here in Houston, TX which is SUPER uncommon since we're usually in the 90's by now!

1 - Check out the new WOW factors that will be on board the new Quantum class of ships for Royal Caribbean!

2 - We have all seen the news and the struggles Carnival Cruise Line is having with their ships lately. Well they have decided to invest $300 million in to ship improvements! Here's hoping there are no more stranded ships!

I am just glad this didn't happen on my Carnival Cruise back in 2008!

{My trip in Mexico via Carnival Cruise, 2008}

3 - Imagine this, you on a flight headed for you tropical dream vacation in Bali…and then your pilot misses the runway and you're now in the plane that’s in the ocean! See more pictures here!

4 - Plan on going to Emirate any time soon? Well don’t bring your bikini, you'll get fined!

5 - Been to Vegas in the past year? Well if you took a taxi you have been duped! Turns out taxi drivers have been taking the long way round to get more money.

I often wondered about this, I mean tourists relying on taxi drivers are so vulnerable. When I was in Munich we took a taxi from the airport to our hotel and it cost up 65€. When our tour guide asked us how we got to the hotel and we told him he said oh no, you were charged WAY too much! But what could we have done? I don’t speak German so I couldn't have told him which way to go…oh well

And when we were in Vegas last year our cab driver actually got in an accident! He just pulled right out into traffic! It was kind of crazy but no one was hurt and we just walked out of the cab and hopped into another!

7 - Check out this cool long lost city beneath the sea in Egypt.  Heracleion was believed to be long gone or a possible myth but it looks like someone may have found it!

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