Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Under Bite: The Tail of Two Bulldogs

How was everybody's Memorial Day weekend? Mine was pretty good, my in-laws came into town so we hung out and grilled and fried food (not weight watchers friendly I might add). We also closed on our house! So now we are officially renters (for the next 40 days). Anyway...on to the subject of my post, my babies :)

As Coco gets older she is letting us photograph her more (since she is able to sit still). Lola is off all her meds from coming down with pneumonia but about a week after that she had a horrible allergic reaction to something and we had to take her in to get a benadryl  shot :( my poor sweet thing. She is all better now!

{No room for Mom and Dad on the couch!}

{Her tongue is too big for her mouth!}

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