Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Savings and Staycations

Vacations and traveling can always be costly and not everyone has the money to do something grand…or you might not have the time. With school almost out and summer vacation approaching here are a few ways you can have fun while you stay in your own home.

Be a backyard explorer.  No matter where you live there is a state or national park within a day's drive. Explore your own state or the state next door. Try finding a local blog that lists the free or cheap things to do. Here is one for Houston, Houston on the Cheap.

Time it right. If you need to stay in a hotel nights are usually cheaper during the middle of the week when they have less people visiting. If you can't go during the week then maybe a fun camping trip is in order at one the many state and national parks!

Arrive armed with deals. No matter where we go I always search for a coupon book before we leave. When we went to Key West I was able to find some awesome coupons for restaurants and activities. When printing out coupons for restaurants I was print two, you never know how good a place might be and you may just want to go back!

Keep meals cheap and cheerful. When you have a family sitting down for a meal can be expensive (especially if you have growing boys!). Keeping a cooler in your car with drinks and stacks bought at grocery store can save you from the mark-ups gas stations charge. When booking a hotel, stay at one that offers a free breakfast (and take an extra yogurt or two for the road), and plan to picnic at least once a day. And when you do treat yourselves to a restaurant, do it at lunch time when menus are less expensive (and you may have leftovers for dinner).

To see the full list and article, click here.

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