Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Extreme Travelers: Home Free Adventure

In 2011, Lynne and Tim sold their house in central California, gave away the furniture, and stuffed all the stuff they wanted to keep into a storage unit. They said goodbye to their children and friends and now they live in rented apartments and houses all over Europe (for now).

They have no property taxes, roof repairs or home insurance, so all of their spendable income is used to fund their new way of life. They do have small suitcases, an appetite for new experiences, good computers, and the savvy and flexibility to make themselves at home in almost any situation.

They sail home for the holidays to visit family and friends; they also use this time to make doctor visits. In 2012 they lived in: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; the USA; at sea to Rome, Italy; Turkey; Paris; Florence, Italy; England; Ireland; Marrakech, Morocco; Barcelona, Spain; and then were at sea again bound for the USA.

2013: USA - @ sea to Venice, Italy - Lisbon, Portugal, Kenmare, Ireland - Paris - Berlin, Germany - London - Copenhagen, Denmark - @ sea to USA

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How many of you want to live this way some day? I know I do!

P.S. I also updated my Where I've Been page with a new map!

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