Monday, July 29, 2013

Hotel Living

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We actually did some work on our new house this weekend - we waterproofed part of the fence. We're going to finish it next weekend.

We are about half way through our hotel stay and it hasn't been bad at all. We do get pretty bored on the weekends but we just kind of drive around and check things out in our new area. The hotel itself isn't that bad either. They have HBO and Showtime which is nice since we don't have that normally and they clean your room once a week. And the kitchenette has a full fridge and dishwasher which is SUPER nice! The rooms really do come with everything you need for an extended stay, from laundry basket to can opener, they got it for ya!

Weird stuff: 1) Calling the hotel "home" or "the house" 2) having to call the house we sold "the old house" I think I'll start calling it the Katy House since it was in Katy, TX 3) I feel like I have no clothes!

#CandlewoodSuites #IHGRewards #theSuiteLife #HotelLife

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