Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Suite Life

Well we have been in the hotel for a week now; 7 days down, 34 more days to go! And as of right now I say we have a pretty suite deal (see what I did there :P).

We are staying at a Candlewood Suites off the Beltway near Bush Intercontinental Airport. So far it has not been bad, you can hear the highway and the planes. But I really don't mind the planes, I love watching them take-off. I mean how AMAZING are they?!?!?

We have had a few dramatic instances happen; someone burned a hot pocket down our hall and the fire department showed up. And this morning as we were walking to our car we saw the top of a palm tree had fallen off! It brushed up against someone's car but didn't land on it.

#candlewoodsuits #ihg #travelmiamor #thesuitelife

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