Monday, July 22, 2013

Places to Visit While They Are Still Cheap

If you are looking for a nice place to relax and get some exploring done on the cheap then you're going to love this list. Below are some places that are inexpensive to stay (but might cost you a pretty penny to get there). Some of these places are still under the radar so visit before they become the next Saint Tropez or Monaco. See more reasons to visit in the original article here.

South Korea
Tasmania, Australia
Cambodia -
I can't wait to make it here! I am really hoping that we have enough MileagePlus points to get us there for free. I have been doing some looking on TripAdvisor and I am finding places to stay for $12 a night!
Sri Lanka
Turkey - I recently read that the Turkish people are not fond of Americans L I would still love to visit their beaches some day.
Gulf Coast - So glad a US destination made the list. When we have kids I want to take them on their first beach trip to Destin, FL the white sands look amazing. But knowing us we'll probably find a last minute deal to Hawaii and jump on it!
Croatia - Another dream location of mine and a possible back up if the Thailand/Cambodia trip doesn’t work out. 

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